“Orange” You Glad We Made It


When you think of oranges and skincare, your mind may wander to a certain US President, but what if we told you that orange can actually be good for your skin? This isn’t new either! It’s been said that people in the Mediterranean region used oranges to assist with multiple conditions, from the common cold to skin infections. In some Asian cultures, the orange represents good fortune. The orange was used in medicine as well as traditional offerings and gifts. Some of the benefits of orange essential oils include: 

  • Treatment of skin conditions such as acne
  • Reducing pain or inflammation
  • Slowing the rate of skin damage
  • Protecting the skin from harmful external factors
What does this result in? Plump, smooth, moisturized skin that glows! Not to mention, orange provides amazing aromatherapy benefits that ease anxiety by calming the heart rate! We know what you’re thinking: How can I get more orange in my skin care regimen? Check out our Awaken Body Butter and Awaken Body Cleanser! Become a member of our community and save 20% off your purchase!