Believe the hype, the site is live! Pure Vibes is back like we never left!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, Pure Vibes is now the first worker owned skincare cooperative in St. Louis! What does this mean? In addition to offering essential, plant based skin and self-care products, Pure Vibes now provides the opportunity to go from consumer to owner! 

Initial founder, Tiffany Wesley, launched Pure Vibes in 2013. After being diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal disorder, she began incorporating gluten-free/vegan/all natural/ plant-based products into her diet and lifestyle. When she couldn’t find an organic or little to no chemical version of a product that she needed, she got creative and made it. The improvements she saw in her own life led her to create a honey oat and chamomile soap to treat her daughter’s eczema. Proud that she was able to provide relief for her daughter, Tiffany posted before and after pictures online. It seemed that people made requests for their own soap immediately. As someone who believes in embracing the journey before you, Tiffany put Pure Vibes into production. 

It was important to Tiffany that she represent both herself and brand well. She continually pursued opportunities to learn and elevate her business. As a result of intentional actions such as investing in commercial grade equipment to increase volume and participating in programs like Square One and WePower, Pure Vibes began to take off. Relax Lavender soap, Boost Essential oil, Harmony and Balance CBD gummies and other products turned strangers into repeat customers who came to refer to the products as “a spa in a box.”

The success of Pure Vibes allowed Tiffany to see firsthand that her community floods millions of dollars into an industry in which they have little to no ownership. Inspired by the history of escaped slaves and free men and women who used their skills to raise money and buy other people’s freedom, Tiffany realized that Pure Vibes could be the catalyst to create a fundamental shift in not just the glow on your skin but your neighborhood!

Tiffany changed the listing of her business from an LLC to a member owned co-operative and recruited her first member, Demetrius Neal. The duo recently graduated from the Buffalo Co-Op Academy, where they completed an in-depth look into both the history and future of worker owned cooperatives and collective economics. Pure Vibes now presents to expand on our core principles: 

  1. To create natural products that help our community “Live Well, Feel Well”!
  2. To reserve space to create equity and ownership in spaces that wouldn’t otherwise exist. 
  1. To practice the power of unity through our worker owned cooperative. 

Pure Vibes is proud to be a company that not only provides superior products but one that pours into the community we receive from. In the coming months, keep an eye out for weekly content from natural health remedies, deeper discussion on what it means to be a worker owned cooperative and yes, new products! Hint: Pure Vibes Home Collection has a nice ring to it! 

Keep Pure Vibes in mind as you #ShopSmall! Awaken Body Butter is super concentrated with orange and will energize and uplift your mood! Honey Oat and Chamomile soap is both antibacterial and beneficial for sensitive skin! Make your mood CALM AF with our Lavender, Ylang Ylang,Orange and CBD infused Coconut oil.

Visit and shop today! Become a member of our community to receive free shipping and save 15% off all products and free shipping for one year!