Restore Cold Process Soap

Pure Vibes: The Cold Process


In recent years, and especially now because of Ms. Rona, bar soaps have gotten a bad rap. Bar soaps have been called unhygienic, it’s been said they can damage the protective layers on your or even cause dryness. A quick google search can yield thousands of results telling you why facial cleansers are better. The gag is, these reports are based on soaps made using harsh chemicals in mass production created for maximum profit. At Pure Vibes, where our products are designed to help you live well and feel well, our bar soaps are bar none. Why? The Cold Process. 

Soaps have been around for thousands of years. What started as mixing ash and fats together has transformed into a heavily regulated, billion dollar industry. In creating soaps that would cleanse, moisturize and restore skin, we found that the benefits of cold processed soaps were too good to keep to ourselves! 

3 Benefits of Cold Processed Soaps

  1. Cold processed soaps are going to give your skin what it needs in the harsh winter: MOISTURIZATION! All soaps are the result of a chemical process called “saponification”. This happens between lye and a fat or oil (like olive or coconut oil) and is usually done during a curing process that uses heat. Cold process soaps allow the process to happen naturally which keeps the oil intact which your skin will thank you for! 
  2. Allowing our soaps to process naturally preserves the quality of the natural oils. The benefits of natural oils and plant based ingredients can be lost during the “curing” or heating process. Removing this step makes sure that these ingredients are better preserved which means better results! 
  3. Aromatherapy anyone? Not using heat on our soaps allows the wonderful notes of citrus, mint or tea tree oils to become more potent as the soap cures naturally. This means that as you cleanse your skin, you’re reducing stress, anxiety and agitation by simply breathing in these delightful scents! 

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